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Collie Church of Christ is a place for the community of Collie and surrounding areas to come together and worship through song, and the preaching of the word. We are a part of a strong, loving community with like-minded congregants. We’re always happy to see you and warmly welcome visitors.

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Listen to us on our local radio station 101.3FM on Sunday Mornings, and read our articles in the Collie Bulletin.

Prayer Group

Men & Women Bible Studies

Our Bible Studies have resumed for 2024. We have Monday morning - ladies, Tuesday Morning - Ladies, Tuesday night - Men's, Wednesday night - Men's Contact us for more information if needed.

Prayer Groups

We have a ladies prayer group that meets on Wednesday evenings. Cottage and Men's prayer groups happen periodically. Please reach out for more information on these, and any other upcoming prayer meetings.

Sunday Service

his Nine-week series walks through the book of Acts, examining the remarkable spread of the Gospel and the kingdom of God from Jerusalem, to Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. From Jesus’s ascension, to the birth of the church at Pentecost, to Paul’s missionary journeys—and continuing today—the church is God’s witness, on mission for Jesus’s kingdom.

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More Than a Church

Collie Church of Christ is a congregation in the heart of Collie, and offers members - and visitors - a chance to become part of something greater. To grow in their love of God and for one another within our beautiful community.

We are rooted in the stories of the Bible and believe worship is something that can be expressed in everything we do. Our ideology is founded on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. No matter who you are, there’s a special place for you at our church. Get in touch today or come and visit us in person.

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“The sermon which does not lead to Christ, or of which Jesus Christ is not the top and the bottom, is a sort of sermon that will make the devils in hell laugh, but make the angels of God weep.”


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Navigating Belief from Solomon’s Portico to Today. - Acts 3:10-26
Collie Church of Christ

Navigating Belief from Solomon’s Portico to Today. - Acts 3:10-26

Explore how critics like Richard Dawkins acknowledge Christianity's cultural significance, despite their scepticism, and how figures like Billy Graham have demonstrated the faith's transformative power on a grand scale. This sermon bridges biblical truths with modern-day reflections, offering insights into living out our faith in today's world. Whether you're a believer, seeker, or septic, join us for a deep dive into the essence of Christianity and its unchanging message of hope, love, and community. Dive into a captivating journey from the ancient discussions at Solomon's Portico to the digital forums of our era in our latest sermon, "Echoes of Faith: Navigating Belief from Solomon’s Portico to Today." Discover the timeless relevance of Christianity and its profound impact on culture, morality, and individual transformation. What would the world miss without Christianity? How does the faith continue to shape our culture, values, and personal lives? And what can we learn from both its proponents and critics to live out a more engaged, vibrant faith? From the communal life of the early church in Acts 2:42-47 to our modern-day 'Solomon’s Porticos,' we explore how Christianity calls us to embody Christ's love in every sphere of life. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more thought-provoking content. Your engagement helps us spread this message of hope and transformation further. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below — we'd love to hear how faith has impacted your life or how you navigate belief in a secular age. #ChristianityToday #FaithAndCulture #Acts2 #ModernFaith #BillyGrahamLegacy #CulturalChristianity #DigitalEvangelism #EchoesOfFaith #ChristianLiving #SolomonsPortico
Rejoicing in The Joy of Advent
Collie Church of Christ

Rejoicing in The Joy of Advent

"🕊️ Experience the True Joy of Advent: A Deep Dive Sermon 🌟 Join us on a spiritual journey this Advent season as we explore the profound message of finding enduring joy and strength in the Lord. In this deeply insightful sermon, we delve into Nehemiah 8:10 and uncover the timeless truth that 'the joy of the Lord is our strength.' 🙏 Discover the rich biblical meanings of joy, its contrast with worldly happiness, and how it connects with the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. With powerful insights, scripture passages, and real-life applications, this sermon offers a fresh perspective on the joy that transcends circumstances and remains steadfast through life's challenges. 📖 Scripture passages include Psalm 23, Philippians 4:6-7, Isaiah 41:10, Matthew 11:28-30, Psalm 30:5, John 16:33, and Romans 15:13. 🌟 In this sermon, you'll find: Insights into the historical context of Nehemiah and its relevance to our lives today. A deeper understanding of the connection between joy and strength. Practical applications for embracing joy and hope during the Advent season and beyond. Visually stunning PowerPoint images that complement the message. As we journey through this Advent season, let's embrace the true source of joy and strength—our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. May His presence fill your heart with lasting joy and peace. 🕊️ Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share this video with friends and family to spread the message of hope and joy during this special season. 🎄✨ #Advent #JoyInChrist #Sermon #Hope #StrengthInGod"
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165 Prinsep Street, Collie

9734 1361

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