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Gen Z and the bible: keeping the faith alive among teens

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

How do we reach the 'Maybe' generation, the generation that holds out for a better deal, a better offer, a better life. A generation that finds it hard to commit to anything, little alone church and the word of God?

It may seem a daunting task, or that there is too much of a gap between generations to be able to cross the chasm! Also, with Gen Z they have access to a vast amount of information at an alarming speed at their fingertips. They can research the negative posts, articles, videos etc about Christianity faster than we can share any good news. Also, this generation can smell out hypocrisy faster than you can say hypocrisy.

So, is there any hope? Has the end of the line finally come for sharing the gospel? In the immortal words of the Apostle Paul... 'certainly not'. Yes it is true that we may have to learn how to be more 'digitally interactive' with our gospel, meaning engaging Gen Z with Podcasts, Tik-Tok's, YouTube channels and even the 'Gram' (instagram for all my fellow Gen X'ers). It may mean learning more about their world so we can engage at their level.

However, the same method that has been used for thousands of years still rings true. Relationship, relationship, relationship. Gen Z are not cyborgs (well not yet anyway), they are flesh and blood, and Spiritual beings. They are also, created in the image of God (Imago Dei). They have the same fears, wrestle with the same problems of being accepted, being loved and finding their way in life. They are also searching for the meaning of life amongst the chaos. With so much emphasis on all truths being true, it is not long before they want to find 'ultimate truth'.

So, let them know you care, not by lip service but by action. Model what a life of ultimate truth looks like as we follow the one who is 'The way, the truth and the life'. Talk with them and not at them, get to know them well, invite them into your world and share why Jesus is still relevant, and the answer to all their questions by being 'ready in season and out of season'.

Let them know, there is no better life than a life with Christ (testimony and Bible), No better offer than that of the offer of eternal salvation, and model a life that shows them that there is no better thing to commit to than the pursuit of wisdom (theology- bible understanding) and no better place to commit to than the local church. This may mean we need to accommodate some change in our Church style but of course not the message.

Why not commit to finding a teen that you can disciple!

Blog Author: Shayne Goldfinch

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